The Battle of the Fifteen was a conflict which occured in the Year 110. Under King Manuel II, a party of 15 knights and 50 men sailed up the west coast and landed in barbarian lands. After quickly constructing wooden walls, the knights were able to illicit a surrender from the neighboring tribe. 

The fort would later become the city of Quinca and the expansion of the Marisol Province.

The Fifteen Edit

  • Sir Diego Alvarez
  • Sir Juan Alvarez
  • Sir Antonio Alvarez
  • Sir Reymundo Chalco
  • Sir Carlos del Rey
  • Sir Manuel del Rey
  • Sir Domingo del Toro
  • Sir Eduardo Guerrero
  • Sir Alfonso Guerrero
  • Sir Juan Moreira
  • Sir Tomas Ruiz
  • Sir Manuel Valencia
  • Sir Luis Valencia
  • Sir Marco Vazquez
  • Sir Alejandro Vilaros