Camila Granjero is the daughter and eldest child of a farmer and his wife. She is a peasant, 17 years old as of the summer of the Year 481.

History Edit

Camila was born on the 6th day of the fall in the Year 463. Her father's farm sat outside of the small village Cercagua on the western coast of the kingdom Solaine. Her father Juan had been expecting a boy and was greatly upset. His wife Juana would deliver a boy the following year, but he did not survive the winter. Juan was cold and distant ever since.

As per all peasant families, Camila began working with her father at 12 years old. By then her mother had bore two daughters and a son. Camila loathed physical labor, much preferring to be with her best friend Maribel Cazadero or learning to read with Sofia Lectera.

Appearance and Character Edit

As per her people, Camila has brown skin eyes, and hair. And as per her long hours on the farm, she is often covered in dirt and sweat. Her arms and legs are noticeably defined from such work. She rarely shaves her armpits and pubic hair and often forgets to shave her upper lip and unibrow. At 5'7", she is relatively tall.

Family Edit

  • Juan Granjero, Her Father (40)
  • Juana Granjero, Her Mother (40)
    • Camila Granjero (17)
    • Isabel "Isa" Granjero, Her Sister(12)
    • Juan Granjero, Her Brother(10)
    • Luz Granjero, Her Sister (9)
    • Miguel Granjero, Her Brother (1)