Cercagua is a village north of Quinca in the Marisol Province of Solaine. It sits on the western coast towards the northern frontier. Its potato farm is one of many in the region.

Layout Edit

The village is built to resemble the sun. Eight short streets surround a large, circular space reserved for events. A small river used for bathing and washing is located west by thirty minutes. Past that lies a beach one hour away.

To the north is the potato farm owned by the Granjero family.

Ownership Edit

The village lies at the bottom of its kingdom's feudal system. Denizens exchange taxes and military service for land and protection with their superior.

  • His Majesty Salvador III, King of Solaine
    • Count Bolivar Alvarez, Count of the Marisol Province
      • Lord Enrique Vilaros, Noble of Hacienda of Loboña
        • Sir Miguel Ramirez, Landlord of the Ranch
          • The Village Elders of Cercagua
          • Diego Cazadero
          • Carlos Herrera
          • Sofia Lectera

Known Inhabitants Edit

  • Alfonso Carcinero (45), a butcher
  • Marcela Carnicero (44), a butcher's wife
    • Three married daughters
  • Diego Cazadero (38), a hunter and a Village Elder. His wife is deceased.
    • Maribel Cazadero (17), the product of a barbarian rape
    • Marco Cazadero (12), his father's apprentice
  • Raul Ebanista (22), a carpenter
  • Susana Ebanista (14), a carpenter's sister, a skilled singer
  • Juan Granjero (40), a farmer
  • Juana Granjero (40), a farmer's wife
    • Camila Granjero (17), her father's farmhand
    • Isabel Granjero (12)
    • Juan Granjero (10)
    • Luz Granjero (9)
    • Miguel Granjero (1)
  • Carlos Herrera (28), a blacksmith and a Village Elder
  • Gertrudis Herrera (25), a blacksmith's wife
    • Sara Herrera (6)
    • Domingo Herrera (4)
  • Sofia Lectera (65), a literate woman and a Village Elder. Her husband is deceased.
    • An adult son in Quinca.
  • Juan Mesanero (37), the innkeep
  • Carla Mesanero (35), the innkeep's wife
    • Salvador Mesanero (16)
    • Antonio Mesanero (15)
  • Juan Pesquero (59), the fisherman. His wife is deceased
  • Juan Sastero (35), a tailor
  • Adriana Sastero (34), a tailor's wife
    • Jose Sastero (15)
    • Six young children