Coline is the primary city of the Mina Province in the Kingdom of Solaine. It lies on the southern coast of the Western Continent, bordering Bardonia on the Soltiano eastern border. It boasts a population of 400,000 and an extensive system of gold and silver mines.

It is the seat of Familia Guerrero, currently ruled by Count Eduardo Guerrero.

History Edit

Coline was founded in the Year 52 under the reign of King Alfonso II. Formerly a Bardonian territory, the old king pushed them east with swords and shields. The land would solely be used as a fort for two centuries. The city was a key position during the numerous international conflicts. In the Year 78, Bardonia sieged Coline, but were defeated by Manuel II. Solaine extended their eastern border as spoils.

Under King Alfonso VII, Coline developed as a major city. The mines were utilized and the architecture built. Palacia Flores was built as a summer home for the royal family to prove to the people that it was safe. Only after the War of Vengeance and its peace treaty did denizens migrate to the city in great numbers.

Noble Houses Edit

Familia Guerrero Edit

The Guerreros were instrumental in taking Coline and keeping it from the Bardonians. They are a proud family of knights and chivalry. Their crest is a silver sword on an orange banner.

  • Sir Eduardo Guerrero Rodriguez, Count of Coline (37)
  • Victoria Guerrero Martinez, Countess of Coline (30)
    • Eduardo Guerrero Martinez (8)
    • Alfonso Guerrero Martinez (8)
    • Shaulla Guerrero Martinez (6)
  • Alfonso Guerrero Rodriguez (36)
  • Mayra Guerrero Quintaba (37)
    • Salvador Guerrero Quintaba (13)
    • Eva Guerrero Quintaba (11)
    • Camila Guerrero Quintaba (8)
  • Sir Reymundo Guerrero (30)