The city of Leonora is the capital of the Solaine Kingdom, located in the Leonora province on the southwestern coast of the Western Continent. It is the site of Castle Adriana, the seat of the king and his family, Familia Verana

Leonora is divided into two districts. They are the North District, a notoriously poor community, and the South District, where the rich and powerful live. The population is estimated to be 1 million, with peasants camping outside the Northern Gate during the warmer seasons. 

History Edit

Founding Edit

The land was within the territory of the Luzian tribe, of which King Juan I was the leader. It is said that he romanced his wife Leonora on Lover's Hill as they looked out over the bay. After a year of travelling the west and conquering rival tribes, Juan returned to the bay with them in tow during the winter of Year 0. The ten tribes swore fealty to him on this land, which he named Leonora.

Castle Adriana Edit

In the Year 24, King Manuel I commissioned the building of a castle for his wife Adriana and in honor of 25 years as an united kingdom. Manuel enlisted 10,000 laborers and as the architect and director, an elven sorcerer named Ksonn Jo'Seen. By the time the castle was completed in Year 25, rumors had spread that Queen Adriana, called the Gorgeous, had relations with the handsome young elf. Manuel I had the sorcerer executed and became quite watchful over his wife.