Quinca is the primary city of the Marisol province in the Kingdom of Solaine. It boasts a population of 200,000 and a grand port for naval ships and fishing vessels. It lies on the western coast of the Western Continent, midway between the borders of the kingdom.

It is the seat of Familia Alvarez, currently ruled by Count Bolivar Alvarez.

Founding Edit

In the Year 110, the Battle of the Fifteen saw 15 knights and 50 men sail up the west coast into barbarian territory. They valiantly fought a thousand barbarians,notably cutting down the local trees and cannibalizing their ships to build walls and a fort before their enemies attacked. They cut down nearly 300 barbarians while suffering minimal casualties before drawing their surrender.

Noble Houses Edit

Familia Alvarez: Edit

After the founding of the original fort, Juan and Diego Alvarez were given power of the land named in honor of the fifteen knights. Their crest is a white goat on a blue banner.

  • Bolivar Alvarez Lomanda, Count of Quinca (44)
  • Maria Alvarez Ruiz, Countess of Quinca (40)
    • Tomas Alvarez Ruiz (21)
    • Marco Alvarez Ruiz (20)
    • Luis Alvarez Ruiz (19)

Familia Marquez: Edit

The family owns a large fishing business. Their crest is a grey dolphin on a blue banner.

  • Juan Marquez Alvarez (45)
  • Luz Marquez Valencia (43)
    • Sara Marquez Valencia (22)
    • Marco Marquez Valencia (20)
  • Raul Marquez Alvarez (44)
  • Camila Marquez del Cabra (40)
    • Maria Marquez del Cabra (20)
    • Marisol Marquez del Cabra (17)
    • Martin Marquez del Cabra (16)

Famila Lomanda: Edit

A prominent family of knights and sorcerers. Their crest is a brown stag on a green banner.

  • Mateo Lomanda Ruiz, Lord of Mages (54)
  • Clara Lomanda Vilaros (50)
    • Sir Mateo Lomanda Vilaros (28)
    • Gracia Lomanda Cruz (25)
      • Salvador Lomanda Cruz (3)
    • Miguel Lomanda Vilaros (24)
    • Manuel Lomanda Vilaros (21)
  • Susana Rodriguez Lomanda (52)
  • Maria Alcordo Lomanda (50)