Salvador Verana III is the current reigning King of Solaine, crowned in the Year 467. He is the son of King Alfonso IX and Queen Clara Verana Palencia. As of the summer of 481, he is 54 years old.

History Edit

Salvador was born on the 40th day of winter in the Year 427. His father was a barrel-chested man who enjoyed jousting and other knightly pursuits. His mother was a kindhearted woman who fostered his love of reading and stories. Growing up, Salvador was also particularly close to his grandmother, the Widow Queen Maria Verana del Sol and his older sister, Princess Sara Verana Palencia.

In the Year 454, at the age of 27, Salvador is married to Marcela Vazquez, a lord's daughter 9 years his junior. The following year, she gave birth to his son and heir Prince Domingo, named after her father. She would give him three more children: Isabel (b. 462), Reymundo (b. 464), and Antonio (b. 470).

Since taking the throne, his reign has been largely unremarkable.

Appearance and Character Edit

King Salvador III is an unassuming man. He is of average height, about 5'8", and his body has always been soft. His hair is gray, his eyes brown and tired, and his skin is noble white.

Royal Council Edit

  • His Main Adviser: Antonio Santiago
  • His Royal Mage: Esteban Vega
  • His First General: Salvador Valenica

Family Edit

  • Alfonso Verana Marquez (402 - 467)
  • Clara Palencia Vega (405 - 460)
    • Sara Verana Palencia (425 - 450)
    • Salvador Verana Palencia (54)
    • Marcela Vazquez del Toro (45)
      • Domingo Verana Vazquez(26)
      • Rosa Verana Alvarez (23)
      • Isabel Verana Vazquez (19)
      • Reymundo Verana Vazquez (17)
      • Antonio Verana Vazquez (11)
  • Juan Verana Marquez (405 - 465)
  • Luz Santiago Martinez (410 - 472)
    • Maria Verana Santiago (51)
    • Salvador Valencia Cortez (57)
      • Diego Valencia Verana (32)
      • Alfonso Valencia Verana (29)
      • Enrique Valencia Verana (25)
    • Juana Verana Santiago (47)
    • Ramon Rodriguez del Cabra (49)
      • Adriana Rodriguez Verana (29)
      • Martin Rodriguez Verana (26)
      • Juana Rodriguez Verana (22)